About CBC

Improvement in patient’s quality of life
- The sole outcome towards which our drug therapy is completely dedicated.

Mr. Hemant C. Bhagat (Chairman & M.D.)


To expand our horizons to top quality products and services which add value to society in order to satisfy health requirements by serving medical, social and economic issues of society and community.



We intend to provide our customers, our business partners and governments a wide variety of life saving medicines. With constant research & innovations in various mediums we also want our medicines to become accessible and affordable to more people in more countries and regions of our world. It is our vision to always keep in mind our responsibility and duty towards humanity and goodness and keep working towards keeping more people alive.

Visionary Roots

CBC Pharma was founded by Mr. Chandravadan Bhagat. He began his career as a manufacturing chemist, but soon realized that the pharmaceutical industry dominated by commercial MNCs was interested in importing only fast selling products such as vitamins & tonics and not much of life saving medicines. Mr. Bhagat’s sense of personal mission drove him to fill this gap by taking up the import of critical life saving medicines from reputed global companies.

View our Timeline for Welfare of Society

2003: Moving Up In The Value Chain

In 2003, CBC Pharma moved up in the value chain & set up its own marketing force with a wide portfolio of products from Antibiotics to Anti-neoplastics and from Cardiovascular to Hormones

Numbers: 150 strength of marketing team Supply List: Hospital, Institutions, Government Agencies

Exclusive Suppliers

CBC Pharma is the exclusive supplier of L-asparaignase API in India.

We have registered many more products & also are importing products like HBIG finished formulation, Urokinase, Filrastim. We import Natural Streptokinase Finished Formulation & API from Germany.

Recent Developments

CBC has created a separate API division. We import & market many APIs like: enoxoparin, heparin, atracurium, D-penicillamine Products registered in: Sri Lanka, Philippines, Senegal, Nigeria Products under registration in: Iraq, Myanmar, Thailand, Israel, Cambodia, Cameroon

Welfare of society gives us the ultimate satisfaction.
At every point of time, we have been responsible
to understand our role in welfare of society & saving of lives.

See our many firsts and our association with government agencies
during times of need.
  • 1993Anti Gas Gangrene Serum in less than 48 hours to the Maharashtra State Government during a severe earthquake in Latur & Osmanabad

  • 1984Meningococcal A+C Vaccine in just 48 hours to the government’s urgent request

  • 1984MMR

  • 1981Human Diploid Rabies Vaccine

  • 1979Measles Vaccine

  • 1961Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccine

  • Anti Diptheria Sera

  • Anti Tetanus Serum