“Care With Commitment”

  • In 2003, CBC set up its marketing team with a wide portfolio of products. Antibiotics, Anti-neoplastics, Cardiovascular, Hormones and many more.
  • CBC products as a BRAND are very well accepted in the market and CBC enjoys an eminent place in the life saving medicine space.
  • CBC has a dedicated Marketing team of enthusiastic members, which strives as a team to make the story successful for the company.
  • CBC products are supplied to major Hospitals, Nursing homes, Institutions & also supplied to the Government.


CBC Pharma - Domestic Products

ProductDrug NameStrengthPacking
MufostAcetylcysteine Solution Inj400 Mg / 2 Ml5 Amps
MufostAcetylcysteine Solution Inj1 Gm / 5 Ml5 Amps
HerzovirAcyclovir Inj250 MgVial
HerzovirAcyclovir Inj500 MgVial
ClauvmentinAmoxycillin & Clavulanate Potassium Inj1.2 GVial
Clauvmentin ForteAmoxycillin & Sulbactam Inj1.5Vial
FalsunArtesunate Inj60 MgVial + Diluent
FalsunArtesunate Inj120 MgVial + Diluent
AzapAzathioprine Tabs50 Mg10 Strips X 10 Tabs
AzocinAzithromycin Inj500mgVial
ChinofenBaclofen Tabs10 Mg5 Strips X 10 Tabs
PolodylBromocriptine Tabs2.5mg10 Strips X 10 Tabs
CasfungenCaspofungin Acetate Inj50mgVial + Diluent
CasfungenCaspofungin Acetate Inj70mgVial + Diluent
CbtazCefepime & Tazobactam Inj1.125gmVial + Diluent
NuperazoneCefoperazone Inj1 GmVial + Diluent
Nuperazone ForteCefoperazone & Sulbactam Inj1.5 GVial + Diluent
Nuperazone PlusCefoperazone & Sulbactam Inj1 GVial + Diluent
Nuperazone 3gCefoperazone & Sulbactam Inj3 GmVial + Diluent
Cefzidime TzCeftazidime & Tazobactam Inj1.125 GmVial + Diluent
CefzidimeCeftazidime Inj1 GVial + Diluent
CezoneplusCeftriaxone & Sulbactam Inj1.5 GVial + Diluent
Cezone TzCeftriaxone & Tazobactam Inj1.125 GmVial + Diluent
CezoneCeftriaxone Inj1 GmVial + Diluent
CefroxCefuroxime Sodium Inj1.5 GmVial
CefroxCefuroxime Sodium Inj750 MgVial
KlarintonClarithromycin Inj500mgVial
ColistinColistimethate Sodium Inj1 MiuVial
ColistinColistimethate Sodium Inj2 MiuVial
ColistinColistimethate Sodium Inj3 MiuVial
Dobier SDobutamine Hcl Inj250mg/5ml5 Amps
DenemDoripenem Inj500 MgVial
DoxyguardDoxycycline Inj100 MgVial
AtrminD-penicillamine Caps250 Mg5 Strips X 10 Caps
NeurovonEdaravone Inj30mg/20mlAmpoule
MaxiparineEnoxaparin Sodium Inj40 Mg / 0.4 MlBox of 5 Prefilled Syringes
MaxiparineEnoxaparin Sodium Inj60 Mg / 0.6 MlBox of 5 Prefilled Syringes
AntacerEsomeprazole Sodium Inj40 MgVial + Diluent
CbfosFosfomysin Sodium Inj4gmVial
ThromboparinHeparin Sodium Inj5,000iu/5mlVial
ThromboparinHeparin Sodium Inj25,000 Iu/5mlVial
MulticortHydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Inj100 MgVial + Diluent
CimispectImipenem & Cilastatin Inj500 MgVial
FeroferIron Sucrose Inj100mg/5ml5 Amps
MannigylMannitol With Glycerin Inj100 MlPlastic Bottle
Meplife –sMeropenem &sulbactam Inj1.5 GmVial + Diluent
Meplife CombipackMeropenem.inj1 GVial + Diluent
Meplife CombipackMeropenem Inj500 MgVial + Diluent
MerospectMeropenem Inj125 MgVial
MerospectMeropenem Inj500 MgVial
MerospectMeropenem Inj1 GVial
MpssMethyl Prednisolone Sodium Succinate Inj40 MgVial
MpssMethyl Prednisolone Sodium Succinate Inj125 MgVial
MpssMethyl Prednisolone Sodium Succinate Inj500 MgVial
MpssMethyl Prednisolone Sodium Succinate Inj1 GVial
MinibMinocycline Inj100 MgVial
NitrovirNitroglycerin Inj.25 Mg / 5 Ml5 Amps
NitrovirNitroglycerin Inj.50 Mg / 10 Ml5 Amps
NorepirinNoradrenaline Bitartrate Inj4 Mg / 2 Ml10 Amps
V-stat*Octreotide Inj50 Mcg / MlAmpoule
V-stat*Octreotide Inj100 Mcg / MlAmpoule
PanprozolePantoprazole Inj40 MgVial + Diluent
CbmolParacetamol Infusion Inj1 G /100 MlBottle
PiptalPiperacillin Tazobactam Inj1.125 GmVial
PiptalPiperacillin Tazobactam Inj2.25 GmVial
PiptalPiperacillin Tazobactam Inj4.5 GmVial
Pitalin-combipackPiperacillin Tazobactam Inj4.5 GmVial + Diluent
CbmyxPolymyxin B Inj500000 UVial
ClopamPralidoxime Chloride Inj1 GmVial + Diluent
Cbc-pamPralidoxime Iodide Inj500 Mg / 20 Ml5 Amps
DistosidePraziquantel Tabs600 Mg2 Strips X 4 Tabs
Mustone(alualu Strip)Pyridostigmine Bromide Tabs60 Mg10 Strips X10 Tabs
Scolax*Succinyl Choline Chloride Inj500 Mg/10ml10 Vials
TeconTeicoplanin Inj400 MgVial + Diluent
Litpress*Terlipressin Inj1 Mg /10 MlVial
TicarnateTicarcillin And Clavulanic Acid Inj3.1 GVial
TigeguardTigecycline Inj50 MgVial
TigemorTigecycline Inj50 MgKit
TramicTranexamic Acid Inj500 Mg/5ml5 Amps
Uroprase*Urokinase Inj500000 IuVial
Vanacin-cpVancomycin Hcl Inj.500 MgVial
Vanacin-cpVancomycin Hcl Inj.1 GVial
ArgipressVasopressin Inj20units/1ml5 Amps
BlastofenTamoxifen Citrate Tabs10 Mg10 Strips X 10 Tabs
BlastofenTamoxifen Citrate Tabs20 Mg10 Strips X 10 Tabs
CytarasideCytarabine Inj100 Mg/1 MlVial
CytarasideCytarabine Inj1 Gm/ 10 MlVial
CovorinLeucovorin Calcium Tabs15 Mg2 Strips X 10 Tabs
DactinoDactinomycin Inj0.5mg/2mlVial
Dacarba*Dacarbazine Inj200 MgVial
HydranHydroxyurea Caps500 Mg10 Strips X 10 Tabs
Oncoginase*L-asparginase Inj5000 I.uVial
Oncoginase*L-asparginase Inj10000 I.uVial