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  • CBC exports injections/tablets/ capsules as a merchant exporter.
  • CBC intends to enhance its global presence leveraging on its vast experience, technological strength & product quality & timely supply skills.
  • CBC have a highly qualified export team. An in house regulatory team as well with many dossiers readily available ( CTD & aCTD dossiers).
  • CBC is currently exporting to Latin America, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa & the Western Pacific, sometimes on request to Europe.
  • CBC supplies & has factory & product registration, contracts for supply , strategic alliances in Ecuador, Bolivia, Philippines, Congo, Senegal, Mali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, UAE and many more countries.


CBC Pharma - Export Products

For Export Enquiries :,,
Abiraterone Acetate Tablets USP 250mgUSPTablets
Acyclovir injection infusion BP 250mg/vial, 500mg/vialBPInjection
Anastrozole tablets - 1mg film coatedINHTablets
Bleomycin for injection USP (Lyophilized) 15 units/vialUSPFor Injection
Bortezomib for injection 2mg, 3.5mgINHFor Injection
Bupivacaine Injection BP 5%BPInjection
Capecitabine Tablets USP 500mgUSPTablets
Carboplatin injection BP 150mg/15ml, 450mg/45mlBPInjection
Carmustine for injection USP 100mg/vialUSPFor Injection
Cisplatin injection BP 10mg/10ml, 50mg/50mlBPInjection
Colistimethate sodium for injection BP 1MIU, 4.5MIU, 2MIU, 3MIUBPFor Injection
Cyclophosphamide for injection BP 200mg, 500mg, 1gmBPFor Injection
Cytarabine injection BP 1ml, 5ml, 10mlBPInjection
Dacarbazine for injection BP (Lyophilized) 100mg, 200mg BPFor Injection
Dactinomycin for injection USP 0.5mg (Lyophilized)USPFor Injection
Docetaxel injection concentrate 20mg/0.5ml, 40mg/ml, 80mg/2ml, 120mg/3mlINHInjection
Doxorubicin Hydrochloride for injection USP Lyophilized 10mg, 50mgUSPFor Injection
Doxorubicin Hydrochloride Liposome injection 10mlINHInjection
Epirubicin Hydrochloride for injection (Lyophilized) 10mg, 50mg, 150mgINHFor Injection
Erlotinib Tablets 100mg, 150mgINHTablets
Esomeprazole sodium for injection 40mgINHFor Injection
Etoposide Capsules USP 50mg, 100mgUSPCapsules
Etoposide injection USP 20mg/ml - 5ml vialUSPInjection
Fluorouracil injection BP 50mg - 250mg/5ml, 500mg/10mlBPInjection
Gefitinib Tablets - 250mg film coatedINHTablets
Gemcitabine for injection USP (Lyophilized) 200mg, 1gm USPFor Injection
Glycopyrrolate injection USP 0.2mgUSPInjection
Heparin sodium injection IP/BP - 1000 IU/ml, 5000 IU/mlIP/BPInjection
Hydroxyurea Capsules USP 500mgUSPCapsules
Imatinib Capsules 100mg, 400mgINHCapsules
Irinotecan Hydrochloride injection USP (2ml), (5ml)USPInjection
L-Asparaginase for injection) (Lyophilized) 5000 IU, 10000 IUINHFor Injection
Letrozole Tablets USP (only for Breast Cancer) USPTablets
Leucovorin Calcium injection USP 50mg/5ml)USPInjection
Melphaian Tablets USP 2mgUSPTablets
Methotrexate injection BP 25mg/mlBPInjection
Methotrexate Tablets BP 2.5mg uncoatedBPTablets
Octreotide injection 50mcg/1ml, 100mcg/1mlINHInjection
Oxaliplatin injection 50mg/25ml, 100mg/50ml) INHInjection
Paclitaxel injection USP 30mg/5ml, 100mg/16.7ml, 260mg/43.4ml, 300mg/50mlUSPInjection
Pemetrexed for injection 100mg, 500mgINHFor Injection
Pralidoxime chloride for injection USP 1000mg/vialUSPFor Injection
Procarbazine Hydrochloride Capsules USP 50mgUSPCapsules
Sodium chloride injection USP 10% w/v - 100mg/mlUSPInjection
Solvent for Docetaxel injection concentrate 1.5ml, 3ml, 6ml, 9mlINHInjection
Sterile Noradrenaline concentrate BP 2mg/mlBPInjection
Succinylcholine Chloride Injection IP 50mg/mlIPInjection
Suxamethonium Chloride injection BP 50mg/mlBPInjection
Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets BP/USP - 10mg, 20mg uncoated BP/USPTablets
Temozolamide Capsules 20mg, 100mg, 250mgINHCapsules
Thalidomide Capsules USP 100mgUSPCapsules
Thiopental Sodium for Injection BP - 500mg/vial, 1000mg/vialBPFor Injection
Vincristine sulfate injection USP 1mg/1ml vialUSPInjection
Vinorelbine injection USP (1ml), (5ml)USPInjection
Zoledronic Acid for injection - 4mg/vialINHFor Injection

"We Can Also Provide Suppositories Nicotine Chewing Gums & Few Products from Kenya & Ethiopia Approved facility on request."